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Cosmogefyra provides greek tradition high quality culinary products for worldwide shipping !
It’s time for you to inspire others and get inspired from Greece’s tradiotional cuisine elements .

Olive oil, the “Golden Liquid” as Homer called it, has been part of Greek history since antiquity. It was regarded a basic and irreplaceable nutritional component of Greeks, helping to protect health and aiding a person’s longevity.

Today it is regarded as the best in the world, because as a percentage of overall olive oil production, the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) reaches up to 80% and sometimes in Crete even up to 90%.

This can be recognized mainly from the fruitiness, the bitterness and the pungency, the aromas that show freshness and healthy olives. All these extraordinary characteristics are the result of proper planting, maintenance and meticulous care in all the stages of production and harvesting.

“Greek EVOO’s have very low acidity and peroxides which make them of premium quality,” says Nicholas Basoukos, managing partner of Greek Heritage Foods, a New York- based company importing and packaging high quality Greek olive oil and other foods.


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Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine.] Contemporary Greek cookery makes wide use of vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, wine (white and red), and meat (including lambpoultryvealbeefrabbit and pork). Other important ingredients include olives, cheese, lemon juice, herbs, bread and yoghurt. The most commonly used grain is wheat; barley is also used. Common dessert ingredients include nuts, honey, fruits, and filo pastry. It is strongly influenced by Ottoman cuisine and thus shares foods such as baklava, tzatziki, gyro, moussaka, dolmades, yuvarlakia and keftethes with the neighboring countries.